Well, hello there. Long time no see!

I’ve been making lots of travel plans lately, which is just the way I like it. Am I the only one that feels like pre-trip dreaming and planning is one of the best parts of traveling? Certainly not.

However, I’ve been just waiting for the right moment to share my upcoming travel plans for 2016, and now here I am. Friends, readers, friendly readers, adventure-loving people of the world, I guess it’s time to tell you where I’ll be headed:


Awesome, right?

A couple of months ago I was sitting and thinking that I really needed to see something new again, something unique … and soon. And then it hit me: Israel, duh!

So, at the end of December, me and my travel buddy are packing up our stuff and making our way to Tel Aviv, where we will begin our trip. I’m also planning to visit Jerusalem, and squeeze in some day-trips to Jordan to see the Dead Sea and Petra. Words cannot describe how excited I am! If you’d like to join me (virtually) on my journey to Israel & Jordan, head on to my social media channels, I’ll be sharing tons of photos on Instagram and Facebook.


I’m contemplating spending a few days in the winter in Switzerland – absolutely not definite yet, but it’s a strong possibility. I’m also dreaming about Mexico. And Thailand. Jeez, I’m so in love with the world.

I’m definitely open to suggestions for places to visit, especially good trips for a long weekend. Do you have any upcoming travel plans?really want to hear them.

But know let us get to what you all came here for…


I’m happy to tell you that I’ve teamed up with GPSmyCity to bring you a sweet little giveaway! Twenty lucky readers will win a FREE iOS full-version City Walks App of their choice. Yay!

gpsmycity giveaway


Ok, let me back up a bit.

GPSmyCity creates iOS & Android apps that turn your smartphone into the perfect tour guide, featuring
tons of self-guided walking tours for a single city and allowing travelers to explore independently and with ease 470+ cities around the world. Covering cities in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North & South America and the Middle East, you’re spoilt for choice! The walking tours are GPS-based, so you can easily follow the route without getting lost.

Each app usually costs around $4.99 and includes:

  • A detailed city map
  • Many self-guided walking tours
  • Turn-by-turn instructions for each walk
  • Detailed description of the attractions
  • Opportunity to create custom walks by choosing directly the sights you want to visit.
  • Possibility to track your walks, which is very useful if you want to share your walk with friends.

What I think it’s great about this app is that it’s designed to work offline without internet connection, so you don’t have to worry about paying roaming charges when traveling to foreign countries.


Yes I have! GPSmyCity kindly provided me with the “Milan Map and Walks” which I promptly tested out. I really loved the app, as I was pleased to discover some places that I hadn’t known previously. Here are some pictures:


So, in collaboration with GPSmyCity, I decided to giveaway promotional app codes for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) to 20 lucky winners. Yes, you got it right, it’s like $4.99 → FREE!


All you have to do is:

  1. Comment on this post, explaining which city (from this list) you would like the promo code for and why.
  2. Follow @andrea_affinati on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway (example: “Win a free #GPSmyCity app from @andrea_affinati! Enter daily until Dic 27 >> http://bit.ly/1OYsp4a”)

This giveaway will end on December 28th (12AM – GMT+01 Time). Winners will be randomly selected, and the free promotional code will be sent by DM on Twitter within 48 hours.