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Green and Turquoise is officially one year old! Yay! Now please excuse me while I spray champagne in the air, pat myself on the back and look for someone to give me a high five.

No kidding, I still can’t believe that a year of this blogging stuff has already passed, but I couldn’t be happier! You know, after constantly being inspired by some awesome travel bloggers for so long, one day last year I thought to myself…why couldn’t I be one of them? After some contemplation, I set up my own green and turquoise space on the internet.

And A LOT has happened for me since August 2014. I finished up my first Bachelor’s Degree, moved to Milan and started my Master’s Degree. I traveled to UAE, France, Japan and explored some more of Italy in between. On Green and Turquoise, I put up 48 posts.

Above all else, I’ve learned SO MUCH about blogging, and even more about myself! So that is what I will leave you with, my cute friends: what one year of travel blogging has taught me.


The first few months, I felt like I was putting so much freaking work into the blog, and not getting a whole lot back.  I really wanted my blog to be something more than a place for my dad to check what I was up to (hi daddy), but my traffic was a big fat zero. I was so focused on getting other people to read my blog, but I had no idea how to do that (and I still don’t, damn you SEO!).

I wrote what I thought was the best article of my life, to only have 2 comments, one being spam and one being from my dumb friend. This, for me anyway, was the hardest part of blogging, and sometimes I’ve felt discouraged. Out of the thousands of blogs out there, how was mine any different? Did people even care? Were my posts excruciatingly boring to read? Anyway, it’s hard work, but it’s also extremely rewarding if you stick with it and love what you do.


A lot of people don’t realize quite how much work goes into blogging and quite how much time it takes up. It’s VERY time consuming. Usually my process goes like this: think (+1 hour), write (+30 mins), get distracted (+30 mins), edit 5 to 10 photos (+1h). Edit typos, edit more typos, take a break, edit the typos I missed the previous times (+1 hour). Publish post. Share post on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram, then get distracted on social media (+30 mins). That’s about 5 hours roughly for a single blog post!

A lot of travel bloggers I admire do their travel blogging full-time, while I’m a full-time university student with a very little amount of free time.


The blogging community I have found myself socializing with is one big group of really supportive people, very helpful, fun, positive, and friendly. And so uplifting! I’ve become friends with a bunch of awesome bloggers who are just like me and share the same boarder-line obsessional love for travel.


Here’s the thing about becoming a travel blogger: you have to learn to do a lot of random things that you probably never expected to have to learn how to do, things that will change how you live your life – and will change how you travel. When I’m on the road, I often look for the perfect Instagram snap. I choose new destinations with blog post topics in mind. I take photos of things just because I might need them for a post (like the freaking room I’m sleeping in). Basically, one year ago, I started traveling like a blogger instead of just an ordinary holiday-maker.

This DOES make a difference, and I often have to remind myself to put down my phone, take my camera away from my face, and actually see and live the places I’m visiting.


As I started reading more and more of my previous blog posts, I began to see a pattern in the way the articles were structurally organized. I often write articles like “Top 10 things to do in [whatever city]”, “10 Must-See in [whatever country]”. On one hand, these articles are the most helpful to me for planning trips, and they will always have their place in my blog – after all, most people searching for travel blogs are after practical information to help them plan!

But on the other hand, it annoys me, because sometimes what I think is…. what the eff happened to my personal experiences and my fun anecdotes? I started my blog as a journal, to talk about my days and random thoughts, but I don’t want it to become a soulless e-book without opinions and emotions. What I do have going for me is that I’m stupidly passionate about travel and I have the desire to share that stupid passion with you. So my new goal for the next year is definitely to push more on inspiring storytelling.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank all of you lovely people of the internet for reading and commenting on my blog. You are all amazing and I hope that I am providing you with useful travel tips and leaving you inspired to travel the world. I’m also asking you, is there anything that you would like to see more of on the blog? Is there anything that you would like me to discuss?

Ask away!


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