2-Week Italy Itinerary: 5 Amazing Ideas For First-Timers

Looking for the best 2-week Italy itinerary for your next trip? Heading to Italy and wondering what to do on your 14-day stay? You’re in the right place.
Travelers often find difficult to plan a trip to Italy, and we can see why. Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Sicily…there’s just so much to see and do that it can feel overwhelming, visiting for the first time. In this post, we want to suggest five possible itineraries that can help you organize perfect trip according to your taste.

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1 Week In Iceland: The Ultimate 7-Day Iceland Itinerary

Ah, Iceland. So many sights to see, so many things to do! How in the world can one plan an Iceland itinerary knowing all the amazing experiences this country can offer? And is it even possible to do it when you can only spend 7 days in Iceland?

Well, don’t worry, because while one week in Iceland isn’t enough to “do it all”, it is absolutely enough to cover all the major must-sees, to get off the beaten track, and allow some free time to soak it all in. 

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The Best 10-Day Peru Itinerary For First-Timers

If you travel to feel alive and quench that thirst for adventure and unseen things, brush up your best hooded poncho, get yourself a crazy pom pom beanie and book a trip to Peru. 

I’m telling you, this country is something else.  

Peru really offers a lot, much more than anyone could squeeze into a couple of weeks, but I’ll show you how you can still have meaningful and memorable experiences in only 10 or 15 days. Below you’ll find a full travel guide, with details on how to move from each point to the next and suggestions on what to do at your destination. I also throw in some cost info and useful tips here and there. By the end of the post I sure hope I have you convinced to book your trip!

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Japan 2-Week Itinerary For First-Timers

Planning on spending 14 days in Peru? Looking for the perfect Japan 2-week itinerary? You’re in the right place.

Japan is at the top of many travelers’ Asia bucket list, and for good reason. You could easily spend months absorbing the culture here, but if you only have 2 weeks in Japan, you’ll still have plenty of time to experience the best the country has to offer.

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