10 Things to Know Before Visiting Israel

I think it’s safe to say that Israel is very much not on the average traveler’s radar. This is not surprising, though, as Israel is definitely not your average travel destination.

It is perceived to be a tricky country to traverse, and as a visitor, there are several things that you might want to look into before you arrive. But does this mean you should avoid traveling to Israel? Not at all.

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10 Best Things to Do In Tel Aviv: A Travel Guide

Awesome beaches and great weather? Check. Beautiful surrounding landscape? Check. Food to die for? Check. Rich local culture and traditions? Check. Serious party potential? You bet. Tel Aviv really has it all.

This incredible melting pot of cultural diversity, ethnic richness and different world-views gives the perfect opportunity to combine a city break with a spot of fun or relaxation on the Mediterranean.

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Is Israel Safe to Visit? Here’s What You Need to Know

If I had a dollar for every friend and family member who asked me before I left “…but is Israel safe? Aren’t you scared?!” I’d have about, well, fifty dollars. Truth is, for anyone who regularly reads or watches the news, Israel appears to be an awfully dangerous place, and if you’re planning on visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories right now, those questions will quite probably popup in your mind, sooner or later.

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10 Best Things to Do In Jerusalem

It’s almost impossible to classify any travel experience as the most memorable – each journey has its own highlights, rewards, its own set of challenges and its own special story. I can honestly say, however, that Jerusalem is one of the most fascinating places I have ever visited, and if it’s not already on your bucket list, it should be.

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Into The Desert: A Day-Trip to Masada And The Dead Sea

The Judaean Desert is probably one of the most majestic areas on this planet, and despite its proximity to the city of Jerusalem, it looks and feels like another world. This incredible vast expanse of land stretches from the northeastern Negev to the east of Beit El, ending in a steep cliff dropping to the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.

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