1 Week In Iceland: The Ultimate 7-Day Iceland Itinerary

Ah, Iceland. So many sights to see, so many things to do! How in the world can one plan an Iceland itinerary knowing all the amazing experiences this country can offer? And is it even possible to do it when you can only spend 7 days in Iceland?

Well, don’t worry, because while one week in Iceland isn’t enough to “do it all”, it is absolutely enough to cover all the major must-sees, to get off the beaten track, and allow some free time to soak it all in. 

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland ASAP

Let me preface this post by saying one thing. I do not dedicate my “10 reasons why you should visit” series to just ANY place, it needs to be really special. In fact, I only write these kinds of posts under one specific circumstance, that is when I am so ANNOYINGLY EXCITED about a trip I’ve just returned from that my friends basically want to murder me and I’m forced to take my yapping somewhere else: the Internet.

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Glacier Hiking and Ice Cave Tours In Iceland: Worth The Hype?

I don’t know about you, but a glacier isn’t exactly something I get to see every day at home. Well I have seen glaciers on tv many times, but I was always under the impression that those otherworldly landscapes carved from living ice were not easy to reach, let alone hike.

And yet, as I recently discovered, if you find your way to Iceland a glacier is indeed something you get to see every day – and if you get in contact with the proper guide, you can even get the chance of walking on the surface of one.

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10 Fun Facts About Iceland That Will Amaze You

Iceland can be a bit weird, but in a totally hot way. You know, like Johnny Depp weird. You can kinda sense it as soon as you land in Reykjavik, when all of a sudden you’re welcomed by all these beautiful blonde giants and a strong frittata smell. But I’m telling you, give it just 24 hours and I promise it will start getting even weirder, and weirder, and weirder. 
To prove my point and show you just how freaky things can get around here, I wrote down a few fun but weird facts about Iceland I discovered along the way. 

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