green and turquoise travel blog addicted

They say that the first step is admitting you have a problem, so I admit — I have an addiction to travel.

Using my own personal experiences I’ve compiled a list of 10 signs that your love of travel may have gotten out of hand. But don’t worry about kicking the habit. Travel is awesome!

So, how many of these are true for you?


1. You are constantly dreaming of your next trip.

You never stop thinking about your trips and adventures, and you spend more time planning the next one, browsing travel blogs and websites, than working or studying or doing the housework or … well, just anything else.

2. You have almost five different types of currency in your wallet

The combined worth of all the spare change in your room is about 20 $ (or € in my case!) and you haven’t bothered to go down to the bank and exchange it. Cause you never know when you might be back in Bosnia Herzegovina!

3. You consider the value of money in terms of how long it could last on the road

Like “can’t, this dress cost what I could live off of for a week in Morocco!”.  You have probably been asking for plane ticket as presents for years now, right?

4. You have frequent-flier status on multiple airlines

Also, your email inbox is filled with travel deals and related articles, and the most visited websites on your internet browser are all airlines, closely followed by TripAdvisor and Booking.

5. Once you have booked your trip every hour is spent researching things to do.

Actually, you are already researching things to do and place to see for your next trip (or two) even before you’ve even finished the trip you’re on!

6. You can pack your bags for a three-month trip and be out the door in 3 minutes flat.

Years of practice have helped you hone your packing skills so that you can narrow down the essentials and fit them into a bag no matter where you’re off to.

7. Your bucket list list is 99% places

and often you are worried that you will run out of time to see and do all the things on your list.

8. All your photos are travel photos.

Your Facebook photos, Instagram feed, Twitter tweets and all other photos anywhere are all from the various trips you’ve taken.

9. You get more excited about trips than you do about basically anything else

and you become restless if it gets to be too long between trips. Also, deep down you know that you will never, ever be free of your wanderlust.

10. You have a travel blog

…and you’re writing (or you’ve already written) a post about being a travel addict.


So, do you recognize these signs you are addicted to travel?


How many symptoms do you have?

You think we need to start a Travelers Anonymous support group?