Are you looking to freshen up your favorite coffee table while simultaneously planning your next adventure in style? Check out these 10 incredible Assouline Travel Books that look like they belong in an art gallery.

Assouline Travel Books Coffee Table Series

Assouline Publishing is renowned for its unique, beautifully crafted coffee-table books that bring to life the wonders of art, design, fashion, and travel. Their bold, silky, and instantly recognizable covers can elevate any library or environment. These Assouline travel books are filled with visually rich itineraries, compelling stories, and curated photographs that are perfect for either escaping reality or planning the most amazing trip you could dream of.

If you’re looking for a great read that could also guide you through your next adventure, wait no longer and pick up one of these 10 Assouline Travel Books that are basically works of art.

Assouline Travel Books 

10. Cartagena Grace by Lauren Santo Domingo and Johanna Ortiz

Assouline Travel Books Coffee Table Cartagena

Co-written by fashion designer Johanna Ortiz and entrepreneur Lauren Santo Domingo, Cartagena Grace captures the essence of the beautiful Colombian treasure that is Cartagena. In 312 pages readers are led through all the most incredible landmarks of Cartagena, including the famous Clock Tower, Teatro Adolfo Mejia, and the church of San Pedro Claver. Over 200 incredible photographs are featured to reveal the architecture and flavors of this popular destination. Stories, quotes, and tips from native Cartageneros artists are presented to paint an even more vivid picture of the city and unveil its true identity and culture.

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Cartagena through the eyes and pen of an artist, this is your chance.

Assouline Travel Books Coffee Table Cartagena

9. Marrakech Flair by Marisa Berenson

Marrakech Flair Assouline Travel Books

This iconic Assouline travel book takes you right into the heart of Marrakech through one of the most beloved Yves Saint Laurent’s muses, Marisa Berenson. Berenson fell in love with the former Moroccan capital a decade ago, and once discovered the perfect riad, she decided to turn it into her permanent home. The ‘Ochre City’ has been capturing the attention of international jet setters since the 1960s, and thanks to numerous magnificent illustrations readers can now clearly see why. You’ll walk through the tantalizing spice-filled souks, admire the sandstone architecture, visit the most iconic museums and glance at all the annual events that pull in the crowds.

Marrakech Flair is an exquisite dream that will awaken your senses.

Marrakech Flair Assouline Travel Book

8. Aspen Style by Aerin Lauder

Aspen Style Assouline Travel Books

Written by businesswoman and designer Aerin Lauder, Aspen Style sheds light on the allure and glamour of Colorado’s most exclusive town.

A simple flip through the pages of this illustrated tome brings readers into a world of snow-covered scenery, luxury boutiques, and a thriving arts scene. However, a more in-depth read offers precious suggestions for finding the best ski-in and ski-out resorts and bars, as well as not-to-miss local hang-out spots.

Aspen Style is the perfect travel book to curl up with when it’s wintertime – and you’re not already on the slopes.

Aspen Style Assouline Travel Book

7. Bali Mystique by Elora Hardy

Bali Mystique Assouline Travel Books

Dreamy beaches, scenic waterfalls, dramatic volcanoes, ancient temples, endless rice terraces, and amazing bamboo architecture – designer Elora Hardy transports us to all the most idyllic locations of the Indonesian dream island called Bali.

In this travel book, great insights are presented into the Balinese history and culture, as well as into the contemporary lifestyle that has long attracted digital entrepreneurs and artists.

In typical Assouline fashion, stories are presented alongside incredible photos that paint the most perfect portrait of Bali’s energy and beauty.

Bali Mystique Assouline Travel Book

6. Miami Beach by Horacio Silva

Miami Beach Assouline Travel Books

Wrapped in a bright yellow hardcover, Assouline’s Miami Beach takes readers on a tour of the palm tree-lined Floridian city, past, and present.

New York Times writer and editor Horacio Silva traces a perfect itinerary through the metropolis’ legendary hotspots, such as the Art Basel Miami, The Bass, the Surf Club, the Faena Hotel, and the white sands of bustling South Beach.

Pleasure and parties are trademarks of Miami culture too, and behind the most iconic Art Deco buildings is revealed a nightlife scene that is second to none.

Miami Beach Assouline Travel Book

5. Jaipur Splendor by Mozez Singh 

Jaipur Splendor Assouline Travel Books

One of the most colorful Assouline travel books ever published, Jaipur Splendor brings into the spotlight the vibrancy of the Indian pink city with more than 200 spectacular photographs. The author, Mozez Singh, is a celebrated director and producer in the Indian film industry and has also published several works in Vogue and Architectural Digest. Singh offers his brilliant insight into the heritage that defines the capital of the Rajasthan state, documenting everything from the famous City Palace to the lively bazaars.

What we love about this Assouline travel book is that it’s luxurious even in the tales it chooses to tell – from the Rajput kings down to Sawai Padmanabh Singh, you’ll be taken on an intoxicating journey through the royal pages of Jaipur’s history.

Jaipur Splendor Assouline Travel Book 1

4. Tulum Gypset by Julia Chaplin

Tulum Gypset Assouline Travel Books

A meeting point for adventurous travelers and nomadic creatives, Tulum perfectly exemplifies the so-called gypset lifestyle.

‘Gypset’ is the term New York Times columnist Julia Chaplin invented herself to describe a specific kind of sophisticated, bohemian traveler that Tulum caters to. A true Gypset is basically someone with an artistic and imaginative spirit that can find treasures in authentic but beautiful places.

Chapling takes you on a trip through all these beautiful, authentic places, showing readers striking illustrations of dreamy beaches, Mayan ruins, mesmerizing cenotes, and organic cuisine hotspots. If you’ve ever wanted to experience that fabulous gypset lifestyle of Tulum, this coffee table travel book will take you there.

Tulum Gypset Assouline Travel Book

3. Provence Glory by François Simon

Provence Glory Assouline Travel Books

Provence Glory explores the charming towns and gorgeous landscapes of the famed French region which served as an inspiration to artists like Picasso, Cézanne, Matisse, and Van Gogh. The book’s author, François Simon, is a well-established writer and a food critic who spent many years working for Le Figaro.

This coffee table travel book has everything we now expect from Assouline’s best sellers: it’s filled with dreamy images of must-see spots, as well as insider tips to all the best local hotspots and art festivals you cannot miss. If what you’re looking for is a feast of extraordinary art, glorious fields of lavender, sun-kissed hillside towns, and pool-side vistas – look no further.  

Provence Glory Assouline Travel Book

2. Greek Islands by Chrysanthos Panas

Greek Islands Assouline Travel Books

A love letter to the exceptional beauty of the Greek islands, Assouline’s latest luscious tome was curated by two outstanding personalities. The text was crafted by Chrysanthos Panas, an Athens-based businessman specializing in the hospitality industry. An exceptional gallery of images to match the text was provided by Katerina Katopis, a celebrated photographer and travel writer. As a result of this incredible team, readers can embark on an Island-hopping journey across the most incredible Greek islands. Mykonos, Santorini, and Naxos are obvious stopovers, but secreted gems like Hydra, Andros, Patmos, and Tinos are extensively portrayed too. The line between mythology and reality blurs as you immerse yourself in this world of ancient ruins, volcanic landscapes, and striking blue waters. If you’ve ever dreamed about escaping to the Aegean, this is the Assouline travel book for you.

Greek Islands Assouline Travel Book

1. Tuscan Marvel by Cesare Cunaccia

Tuscany Marvel Assouline Travel Books

If we had to pick our favorite Assouline travel book, it would be Tuscan Marvel. Author Cesare Cunaccia celebrates Tuscany’s beauty in all its facets, from the domed churches of Florence to the leaning tower of Pisa, and then again from the green hills of Chianti wine country to the mostly unknown serene coastline. In over 200 lavish photographs, Tuscany Marvel explores the region’s most treasured villages, towns, and hills. Tuscany has served as an incubator for the arts for centuries, which is why every story is sided with relevant masterpieces of Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Brunelleschi, and of modern Tuscany-based icons such as Gucci and Ferragamo. A feast for all senses, Assouline’s Tuscan Marvel demonstrates once again why Tuscany keeps ranking among the world’s most romantic and enchanting destinations.

Tuscany Marvel Assouline Travel Book

Assouline Travel Books: Q&A

Who owns Assouline?

Assouline Publishing was founded in 1994 by Prosper and Martine Assouline. The publishing house started out as a family company in Paris, with their first published book being “La Colombe d’Or”.

How many Assouline books are there?

Assouline has published over 1,700 books on several themes including architecture, art, design, fashion, gastronomy, and travel.

Why are Assouline books popular?

Assouline books are known for their high-quality products that include the usage of the finest materials, like linen and silk, and incredible design. One of the group’s founders, Prosper Assouline, is a former fashion editor and stylist who brings his expertise and taste to each series. Each book is then curated by a team of incredible artists, writers, and photographers to capture the reader’s interest and imagination.

As a result, Assouline coffee table books are not only incredibly educational but are also considered works of art that can elevate the sophistication of any library.

Assouline Books Travel From Home

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