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10 Insider Tips Every Rio de Janeiro Visitor Should Know

Visiting Rio de Janeiro is, for many people, one of life’s most exciting adventures. From the legendary Christ the Redeemer statue perched atop Corcovado to the iconic sidewalks of Ipanema beach, there are endless possibilities for memorable experiences. And while Rio does have a particular reputation that holds many travellers back from choosing it as a vacation destination, the truth is that anyone with the correct information can have a fantastic time in this city.

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12 Best Things To Do in Rio de Janeiro

Blessed with an astounding backdrop of extensive beaches, lush hillsides and glittering lagoons, Rio de Janeiro is a place of unmatched beauty. There’s a joyful, contagious rhythm pervading every inch of the city; a scent of salty air with notes of coconut spreads all around from the shores; architectural and natural marvels stand out in every direction.

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Brera, Milan: An Art’s Lover Guide to The District

Located right in the heart of the Italian fashion capital, Brera is known as Milan’s art and design district.

Brera’s popularity started to rise in 1776 when Empress Maria Theresa of Austria commissioned the construction of the Academy of Fine Arts, nowadays commonly referred to as the Pinacoteca. Since then, the district has served as a vital hub for artists, creative people, students, and intellectuals from all over Europe.

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7 Must-See Paintings At The Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

Among Italy’s most relevant museums is certainly the Pinacoteca di Brera, located in the homonym district of Milan. The gallery is truly an unmissable destination for art enthusiasts and everyone visiting Milan for the first time. The complete trail of Pinacoteca di Brera consists of 40 rooms that are able to describe the evolution of Italian and European art through the centuries, showcasing masterpieces of Caravaggio, Raphael, and Francesco Hayez, just to name a few.

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2 Days In Athens: A Perfect Itinerary For First-Timers

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but Greece is an amazing country, packed with many incredible places to see and things to do. And whether your travel plans involve partying in Mykonos, hiking in Zakynthos, or diving in Milos, a stopover in the incredible Greek capital is usually necessary.

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Portofino, Italy: 7 Best Things To Do In The Italian Riviera

An epitome of glitz and glamour since the 1960s, Portofino, Italy, is considered one of the most exclusive Mediterranean holiday destinations and the crown jewel of the Italian Riviera. Lush green hills provide shade to pristine bays with crystal waters, only interrupted by the occasional castles, villas, and cottages. The picturesque harbor and the overlooking cobbled piazza are scattered with chic restaurants, art galleries, and boutiques.

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10 Assouline Travel Books That Are True Works Of Art

Assouline Publishing is renowned for its unique, beautifully crafted coffee-table books that bring to life the wonders of art, design, fashion, and travel. Their bold, silky, and instantly recognizable covers can elevate any library or environment. These Assouline travel books are filled with visually rich itineraries, compelling stories, and curated photographs that are perfect for either escaping reality or planning the most amazing trip you could dream of.

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George R.R. Martin Books, In Order

The release of the House of the Dragon HBO series has brought George R. R. Martin’s fantasy world onto the spotlight once again. And we’re guessing you too have watched Game of Thrones at some point in the past years, right? For those who haven’t read the George R.R. Martin source material on which all these shows are based: first of all, congratulations, as you’ve got an exciting literary journey ahead.

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24 Best Colleen Hoover Books In Order

Are you craving some good young adult romance novels? Or looking for the best Collen Hoover books out there? Whichever may be, you’re in the right place.

Colleen Hoover has been popping out young adult best sellers for almost a decade and flourished into a staple name in the romance novels industry. Her more recent series ‘It Ends With Us’ has been topping the charts since it came out in early 2022, selling more than 4 million copies all over the world.

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10 Best Books to Improve Communication Skills

Looking for the best books to improve communication skills?

A 2016 LinkedIn survey conducted in the U.S. revealed that communication is the most sought-after soft skill among candidates. A recent Salesforce research showed that 86% of employees believe that poor communication is the root cause of workplace problems.

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10 Best Reverse Harem Books to Read Right Now

Looking for the best reverse harem books out there? Need some fresh material for your pre-sleep fantasies? Or just looking for a new genre to fall in love with? Reverse harem romance books have become madly popular in the last few years. But why? Well, imagine Chris Hemsworth, Jason Mamoa, Henry Cavill, and Ian Somerhalder together in all their sexy glory. And imagine them all deeply, desperately in love with one girl. One special, passionate girl they would do anything for – even share her.

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The Best Harry Potter Illustrated Book Editions: Top 2

Harry Potter, as we’ve so often heard, taught an entire generation to fall in love with reading.
The first installment in J.K. Rowling’s groundbreaking series – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – was published in 1997. Teenagers literally lined up outside of bookstores on release days to try and buy copies. Twenty years later, the original fans are now adults and show no signs of letting go of their childhood hero, and are ready to share the series with their children.

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